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"Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me.
Going to bed at night saying I've done something wonderful - that's what matter to me" - Steve jobs

"Always Successful With The Right Mindset"

Million Dollar Club since 2012
ERA Asia Pacific Elite Award Winner since 2012
ERA Singapore Outstanding Achievement since 2012

Vienn joined the real estate industry in 2010 and in the last ten years, consistently appeared in the top tables of Achievers in ERA island-wide, and also won several Elite Recognition awards. She attributed her success to her honesty and her adoption of a client-centric approach rather than commission-centric approach.

Vienn’s integrity, trustworthiness and her principle of putting others before self, resulted in several reliable and robust business relationships being cultivated through her years in the industry with clients, other real estate agents, brokers, developers, high-net-worth landed property owners, investors, licensed property valuers and mortgage loan officers.

Vienn is highly focused when it comes to marketing and showcasing single resale properties tailored to her personal clients’ objectives. Her insight and knowledge of the prime residences on the market play an important part in helping her clients find the house they have always dreamed of.

When working with Vienn, regardless of whether you are selling or buying a property, you can count on her in-depth knowledge of the property market, resourcefulness, and extensive network. Coupled with her attention to details, her gift of listening to your needs and her utmost commitment towards helping you achieve your real estate goals, you can be assured of getting the best deal possible on your sales or purchase.

Vienn is blessed to be married to a supportive husband Francis, and the couple are the proud parents to a teenage daughter. Not only striving at work, she believes in family commitment and quality bonding time for her loved ones at home. It is the love and support of her family and the satisfaction derived from meeting her clients’ goals that continually motivate Vienn to be an achiever in her organisation.

In the company, Vienn is renowned among her colleagues for being a dynamic and driven team player who is not only sincere and authentic, but extremely generous in sharing her industry experience and knowledge with others, particularly with the newer colleagues. She takes the extra miles to train and mentor her associates and team members personally on a 1-1 basis and attend to their enquiries and individual case transactions.

If you are keen for a hardworking and trustworthy agent to handle your property, Vienn is there to answer to your enquiries with no obligation.

Ms Vienn Leow 廖秀姿
Branch Division Director
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Mobile: 9668 5572
Email :
CEA R024855C I’m

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